How to Design Around Your Built-In Wine Fridge

Built-in Buying a Built-In Wine Cooler

If you have  medium to large collection of wines then it’s a good idea to find adequate storage place for it.  Wines prefer storage with ideal temperature & humidity conditions and of course proper racking.

Built-in wine coolers and wine refrigerators are manufactured exactly for this purposes.

They are zero-clearance appliances designed to sit flush with and fit neatly in your existing cabinetry.

The ventilation (forcing the hot air out of the cabinet interior) is in the front so you can install the appliance with its back against the wall (Please note: you will still need to leave some space, about 1/2″ for proper air circulation).

Built-in wine coolers and wine refrigerators are available in various sizes; from full-height, large capacity units to small undercounter wine fridges.


The smallest built-in wine coolers can hold around 18 – 28 bottles but there are large capacity units which can accommodate 100 or more bottles of wine.

To save space you can build in the wine cooler under the counter or any other suitable place in your kitchen (dining room, recreational room).


Slim design built-in wine coolers occupy as much space as a kitchen trash bin or garbage compactor does.They take up less room than freestanding wine coolers, however you can use most models as standalone.

The best thing is that you can choose from different decors to have it match with the overall design and look of your kitchen.

Larger, high-end built-in wine coolers with multiple temperature zones are rather expensive and some models require a professional to install them.

Slim, Built-In Wine Coolers

If you have only a narrow space to fit in the unit, look for a wine refrigerator with 15 inch or less width:

Danby Slim Built in Wine Cooler

The Summit SWC 1535B wine cooler holds 28 bottles. This compact unit with 15″ width can be conveniently fitted in your kitchen’s cabinetry or you can place it freestanding.

At Wine Rack Concepts, this wine cooler costs cc. US$ 690 .  It’s an attractive unit with black cabinet and double pane, reversible glass door.  With the electronic temperature control you can adjust temperature in the 48ºF – 60ºF range.  The beautiful wooden pull out shelves hold up to 33 bottles.

The door comes with a manufacturer installed lock to keep kids and others from getting into your wine collection.  You can also easily monitor the interior temperature on the simple digital display.

15-Inch Built-In Wine Cooler Refrigerators

15″ wide wine coolers are specifically designed to fit into existing kitchen cabinetry to provide space-efficient wine storage solution in average households.

These compact wine storage appliances come in many various designs, providing numerous decor choices.

Recommendations for Narrow Models

Mid-Capacity Built-In Wine Cooler Refrigerators

Danby 50-Bottle Wine Refrigerator – Single Zone Cooler

The Silhouette line of Danby, a US manufacturer of household appliances including wine storage coolers, offers several built-in models with varying bottle count.

The Danby 50 Bottle Capacity Wine Cooler (DWC508BLS) is a great mid-sized home wine refrigerator with single temperature zone. It’s very simple yet so elegant.

  • Although it’s a single zone model, it has a fairly wide temperature range (39°F – 64°F / 4 – 18ºC).
  • Store reds on the top shelves where the temperature is a little higher than at the bottom cooler part of the cabinet, which is best for storing whites.
  • You can easily set the cooler to any temperature within that range with the handy digital thermostat. The elegant blue screen displays the set temperature at all times.
  • The tinted, tempered door glass with the stainless steel trim adds elegance to the unit which is further enhanced by the 6-½ sized natural beechwood shelves.
  • You can easily use this as a stand alone refrigerator.

This wine cooler has a very nice per-bottle price making this unit one of the most cost effective mid-capacity wine refrigerators.

Price of the Danby Designer Series 50-bottle wine cooler: cc. $745 including shipping at Wine Rack Concepts.

Danby large built in wine cooler

User Opinions

The Danby 50-bottle wine cooler has received fairly good reviews (average ratings: 4 out of 5 points).  Here are some of the reviews:

  • A few of the users complained that wider bottles won’t fit in due to the non-adjustable shelving.
  • Another problem stated is that the door must be fully open to be able to pull out the shelves, which, by the way extend to only 3 inches.
  • Can be loud when the compressor is on.
  • Some positive comments include that it keeps the set temperature accurately, has a nice clean modern look, and is moderately priced.

How to design your kitchen with a wine fridge

Features for More Mid-Sized Wine Coolers

More Built-in Wine Coolers

  • Summit also offers a large range of quality undercounter, zero-clearance wine coolers most of which are certified commercial wine refrigerators.

Large and Luxury Built-In Units

There are many other 100+ bottles capacity wine cooler refrigerators for built-in placement. The 149-bottle Avanti wine refrigerator model can be placed either as freestanding or used as built-in.

Avanti Large Built in Wine Fridge

Whatever Wine Cooler or Fridge you do decide on, you can be sure to trust the services at Wine Rack Concepts.  They are top notch professionals with fast order processing and shipping directly from the manufacturers.  They also offer free design service and 3D layout of your space.  All you need to do is email them pictures of your current space, and they will help you to design and make room for your new wine fridge, cooler, wine rack or cabinet.  There is no extra charge and their service is quick!  Don’t wait, get ready for your holiday party.  Connect with them now!

Wine Rack Concepts Designs

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