Water Quality Month

Water is one of those elements whose importance is something that cannot be emphasized enough. Today, its scarcity has made it, a lot more important topic to be discussed.

Water quality month is trying to make sense in the current situation, and is also successful on drawing attention to the importance of having clean and fresh water.
August is recognized as “National Water Quality Month,” which is done as to inspire conservation and sustainability efforts around the world. Water quality month gives a general message as a reminder of activities for preservation of water conditions.

Long back, United Nations declared 2005-2015 as the International Decade for Action “Water for Life” with the major goal of enlightening people around, with the importance of keeping the water sources clean and preserving them, for the future generations.

A study conducted by professionals identified Eutrophication which is caused through poor waste water management, contributed profoundly towards water pollution. It causes a huge loss to the agriculture to which leads to another huge problem following. According to which the United States decided August as National Water Quality month. International standards also help the preservation of clean water.

Only we people who use water in our day to day life have to take care of protecting resources and not making them polluted.
Some steps that can be taken as remedies are, using a commercial car wash as the water may pollute the water bodies with chemicals, trying to avoid chemical fertilizers as these can contaminate the ground water, which one of the main resources of water,
joining a beach, stream, or wetlands cleanup project and
properly dispose the prescription medications and other products that are too often flushed down the toilet, into the wastewater system and out to the environment, and lastly, consulting local health department for proper instructions for disposal of waste.

All this was to make our life better, but here is an organization, that can make others life better too. Water.org is an American non-profit developmental aid organization resulting from the merger between H2O Africa, co-founded by Matt Damon, and WaterPartners, co-founded by Gary White. Water.org works to bring safe water and sanitation to the world through access to small, affordable loans. Water.org’s projects are funded through grants, loans, or a combination of the two. Its loan program, known as WaterCredit, utilizes micro credit to fund water sanitation projects. Funding water supply projects through a combination of grants and loans is a new approach to the water sector.
Its goal is to provide aid to regions of developing countries (such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Chad) that do not have access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

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The prime agenda of “Turning Wine into Water” campaign is to help people have access to safe water, through small and affordable loans. Kristine says, “We are an active part of Water.org, which is an organization that has helped many families across globe. We are excited to be part of an organization that has the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty, for past 25 years. This organization was found by Mr.Matt Damon.  A share of the profits of Wine Rack Concepts also reaches Water.Org, and this is how we turn, wine into water.”


When it comes to the importance of safe water consumption, it is something that is taken for granted today, unfortunately. With a limited number of water sources, it is important for us to preserve them, in every possible way.  Globally, at least 1.8 million people are drinking water that is contaminated with the fecal matter. This contaminated water can cause, various health disorders like cholera, dysentery, typhoid, etc. Around 502,000 deaths are caused every year, due to diarrhea, which is an alarm for all of us. Of course, there are only few water-stressed countries, currently. But, by 2025, half the world’s population is said to be living in water-stressed countries.  For all these reasons, it is high time we save water, without wasting it, so that, it can be used by people, who do not access to the safe water.


Poor sanitation facilities is another curse, and a few countries around the world, are victims of this. Many families have already been helped by Water.Org, with the loans that helped them have their own private taps, and toilets. There is nothing more important than one’s health and safety.

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However, if you are not in the market for a new wine rack or wine cooler, you have another option.  Anyone can donate to Water.Org; a single donation can bring smiles in more than one families, and make the Water Quality Month, more meaningful.

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