Difference between the Wine Cooler and Wine Refrigerator

Many people have a small confusion between a Wine Cooler and a Wine Refrigerator.  This is pretty common, as these are two storage appliances that have similar functions, with just a few little differences.  We will try to explain the advantages and disadvantages, in this post…


Now, should you go for a Wine Cooler and Wine refrigerator, and what are the respective reasons?


Wine Refrigerators usually are big when compared to the Wine Coolers, but Wine Coolers can be big too. Due to their huge sizes, wine refrigerators will have compressor system of cooling, with which the vibration and noise cannot be avoided. On the other hand, due to their comparatively smaller sizes, wine coolers run well on the thermo-electric system of cooling. Thermo-electric cooling means the wine bottles get vibration-free cooling that is noiseless. However, huge wine coolers will have compression-based wine cooling. But, wine fridges, due to their compression-based cooling technology, can be more powerful than the wine coolers. For example, wine fridges reach the temperature you set in no time, while wine coolers, take a little more time. The biggest advantage of the Wine fridge is that it can maintain the temperature you set, with great accuracy.

Another difference between a Wine cooler and a Wine fridge is that wine coolers due to their small size, are more portable than the Wine Fridges. Wine fridges are huge and take more space when compared to the Wine coolers. Design-wise, again, wine coolers are more versatile, with more options to place, when compared to the wine fridges.


If your wine collection is smaller one, and you have limited kitchen space, then a Wine cooler would be your best option.  They can be placed on your counter, beneath your counter, or as a freestanding unit. A Wine fridge would be the best option if your wine collection is larger, and your kitchen is also pretty big. A Wine Refrigerator can make anything look huge and important, and it sure will be an attractive addition to your kitchen.


The bottom line, going for a wine cooler or wine fridge, do not just depend on the factors above.

If your wine collection is delicate and need the precise temperature to survive, then a wine fridge it is.  If your wine just needs a normal cooling at an affordable price, then undoubtedly, your answer would be the wine cooler.
For tips on how to purchase your first wine fridge, download our guide for free!

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