Designing Around Your Wine Fridge

Wine Fridge is itself an attractive addition to any room, where it is installed, may it be the kitchen, or your living room. The designing or the arrangement you do, outside the wine fridge, can add an extra feather to its appearance.


So, is the designing part difficult? Will I need “the” designer skills??

No! All you need is some creativity, and some love for your wine fridge and wine collection…


Wine Fridges are of different variety, namely Freestanding and Built-in. The built-in Wine fridges can usually sneak in anywhere, from beneath your counter, to a cabinet within the wall. To make wine fridges or wine coolers, stand out, in the kitchen, there are few things to keep in mind.


Why has designing around your Wine Fridge become important this day?

Today, it is just not the model or the price, that is associated with the Wine Fridge. You have a whole lot of options, from the dimensions to the specifications, from the style to the attributes. With this much control, you can’t just buy a wine cooler, and place it one corner. In between these endless options, raises a new question- “Where to Install the Wine Fridge?”

This post will answer all of your questions, today.


Firstly, let us look into few things that you need to keep in mind, before proceeding to the designing-

– Most of the wine fridges will be both freestanding and inbuilt; working with these fridges is a lot easy, as these will be pretty much flexible with your designing ideas. Never try to install a strictly free standing wine fridge, like an inbuilt unit, as this no good for your fridge. This is because for a few wine fridges, the breathing vents will be on the back of the unit, and if these are installed as  inbuilt, it will have a negative impact on their efficiency.


– How spacious is your kitchen?

There is no rule that your wine cooler or fridge should be installed in the kitchen, only. In case your kitchen is small, do not force yourself too much to get the fridge installed in the kitchen. This has two issues- one, it eats kitchen space, and two, the cooler looks pretty awkward, when forcefully placed. Instead, you can get wine fridge or wine cooler installed, in the living area, which is one good idea to show off your good-looking wine fridge to your friends and family.


– Your designing should not interfere with the cleaning-

Wine Fridges have to be cleaned regularly, and if your design makes the cleaning difficult, or impossible, then, maybe, you will have to rethink your design. Keeping your wine fridge clean, ensures its best performance. You cannot bargain the appearance for the performance, but modifications in your designing can make these factors go hand in hand.


Here are some cool designing tips that can make your wine cooler appear, well, extra cool!

– As stated earlier, many fridges come as both built-in and freestanding unit, and preferring this type, will give you more options when it comes to designing. Rather than pushing your wine fridge against some random wall, get it installed under your counters. This will not only give it an elegant look, but will also save a lot of space.


– Kitchen Island Counter is also the best place, for your wine cooler. If you don’t want your wine cooler to interfere with the spaces in your built-in kitchen counters, then kitchen island is the only best place. Wine coolers, when installed here, will save space and will also be visually appealing.


– Another nice place to install your wine cooler is under the stairs. This is one of the most underutilized places in the whole house. When it is used, can give your wine cooler, a stand-out appearance,as this will be the only one to grab the eyeballs.


– Various theme based decoration can make your wine fridge appear cool. For your Wine Fridge to appear like a hero, you can go with minimalistic, for the surroundings, with which, your wine cooler will look highlighted.


– Wine Fridges appear elegantly in the presence of extreme colors, meaning, the colors in the room, must be extremely light, or extremely dark; this is sure to make your Wine Fridge, stand out.


Wine coolers today, come in different styles and with themes. Most of the Wine Fridges/Wine Coolers belong to the contemporary and modern theme, which makes them blend well with any other themes, effortlessly. Different Wine Fridges demand, different kind of designing. So, what you need to do is, unleash the creativity goddess within, and let her take care of the decoration part.


Let’s have a look a few built-in fridges here.


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