Cooking with Red Wine 102

Cooking with Red Wine 102

Let’s admit, we all have tried Cooking with Wine, and have miserably failed, at least once. Cooking with Red Wine is more of an art. If you love cooking, and if you know your wine and love your wine, you can always prepare a delicious wine dish. My first article covered about various aspects of wine cooking. Did you miss that?? No worries, here it is, Cooking With Wine 101

For those who have not tried using wine in their dish, there is something you should know. Red wine imparts a beautiful flavor to your dish, and makes it more tangy and alluringly sweet. However, too less or too much, both do no good. The best part about the red wine is that, it gets absorbed by the food quickly, and at the same time, it does not overpower the actual taste of your food, it only intensifies the taste.

Here are few things, you should know about cooking with the red wine.

– New to Wine dishes? Better start with something simple. Non-complex dishes will help you savor the wine dish better. This will also help you understand what quantity of wine is good for your food. Here is a simple recipe- Chicken Red Wine Sauce that will help you get started with simple Wine cooking:

Cooking with red wine

– Wine takes time to enhance the flavor of your food, and it is 10 minutes or a little more depending on the dish you are preparing. This flavor imparting works beautifully. When you add wine to your food, the alcohol content of the wine starts to evaporate and the food is left with the wine concentrate that is sweet, sour and easily absorbed.

– The taste of your wine, decides the taste of your food. Though Wine largely intensifies the flavor, at times, its over sweetness or over sourness, will make the food taste undesirable.

– An expensive wine making the dish tasty, is a myth. It is not actually the price, but the process involved in wine preparation and the age of the wine, that is more important and that makes your dish yum!

– Of course, Wine is good, actually great! But, it does not blend well with all the dishes. Know what works well with the wine, and use it in those dishes only. This is one of the secret success tip in wine cooking.

Quick Tips on Wine Cooking- Get started with the Wine Cooking today!

– There is nothing like Cooking Wine. What you get in Stores is unnecessarily loaded with the flavor enhancers, that do not add authentic wine flavor to your dish, or sometimes they are diluted, flavorless, but will be pretty expensive.

– Wine should never be added prior serving. Wine in food does not taste good, when it is not absorbed.

– Wine is an excellent marinator. The tannins in the wine, will effectively breakdown the complex proteins in the meat, and also makes your food taste better… What to know how? Try Easy Beef Bourguignonne and, you will know better!

cooking with red wine



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