7 Great Gift Ideas under $57 for Father’s Day

The History

Father’s Day, just like Mother’s Day, is a special day to express gratitude towards the fathers who have been strong throughout their lives, being tender to their kids, and lovable to their wives. Of course, Father’s Day shouldn’t be the only day, to express love, but it sure is a very good reason is celebrate love with some warm gifts..

Let’s first see when was the first time, Father’s day was celebrated?

When the term, Father’s day comes to mind, the first name to remember is of Ms. Sonara Louise Smart Dodd, of Washington. In 1909, 27-year old Sonara thought about celebrating Father’s Day, and the inspiration for this thought was the Mother’s Day celebration. The story of Ms. Anna Jarvis’s struggle to promote the celebration of Mother’s day, motivated Sonara, largely. This move of Sonara was supported by Spokane Ministerial Association and YMCA. As a result of this campaign, Sonara celebrated her first “Father’s day” on 19th June 1909. However, there was a little hesitation in the initial stages among the societies, but, later on, Father’s Day celebration had an overwhelming response, and the same is continuing even today.
There are a few pieces of evidence that talk about Father’s Day having a reference, around 4000 years back. However, it is was not an actual event or celebration, as it is today. The ruins of Babylon, partly tells about the Father’s Day practice. A young boy named, Elmesu wished his father good health and a long life, as a message on the clay card. Father’s Day is celebrated around the world on different dates, with that one special purpose of appreciating the strength, sacrifices, generosity of all the fathers around the world.

When is the Father’s Day celebrated this year?

This year, the Father’s Day falls on 18th June, which is on Sunday.

Father’s Day and Sunday, is an ideal combination, which can lead to some crazy celebrations and unforgettable get-togethers. Don’t you think a gift for your father, can make the whole celebration more meaningful?
Yes, choose a gift that would remain your father’s favorite forever.

We have some coolest gifts that can travel with him, wherever he goes, unlike other gifts, that just become a decorative.

7 Great Father’s Day Gifts

1. Faux Leather and Canvas Flask-

Warm and rough Leather Faux Flask, with an attractive bag, can blend in with any event. Faux is elegantly designed and can add an extra feather to the style sense of your father. If your father is a wine lover, then Faux leather flask is a must!!!
Quick Description –
– Capacity – 4 oz
– The Canvas bag has a plastic outline.
– This flask also includes a 1 oz aluminum shot glass. Your Dad may think of a quick shot anytime, let him have it with our Faux Leather and Canvas flask that comes with shot glass.

2.Faux Leather Bicycle Wine Carrier

What are two favorite things for your father? Let us guess… Wine and Cycling?
Then, a perfect gift for him would be the Faux Leather Bicycle Wine Carrier. Again, this is the gift that stays with him, all the time.
The installation can be made quickly without much help. This not only goes with the bicycle but also with the bike.
This wine carrier can carry bottles of various sites, safely, and is very much durable due to it is rugged leather material. This sure is one of the greatest gifts your father can have.

3. Copper Plated Flask

Who doesn’t like the authentic taste of the liquor? You would have noticed how the liquor that is placed in the metallic container or flask tastes better than the one that is not. It is just the chemical reactions.
Why don’t you give something best, to this person who has given you all good things in life?
Yes, Copper plated flask from Summit, that is liquid tight, and crowned with a weighty, and covered with a lustrous cap, is not only visually appealing, but will also be the best liquor partner during traveling, or any other events. The capacity of this flask is 6 oz.

4. Gears & Wheels 6-Bottle Metal Wine Rack

Now, this is one of the unique gifts, that your father would have never come across. It is a simple wine rack that is extremely creative…
Your father, an industrial theme lover???
This is the gift specially made for him; this gift will make you too special, for your thoughtfulness.
Quick description –
– Ideally, fits on the tops and counters
– This wine rack comes with the weighted base, to avoid tipping.
– The capacity of Gear and Wheels is 6 bottles.

5. Sunscreen Sneaky Flask

Sunscreen Sneaky Flask is for those innocently secret liquor lovers. The capacity of this flask is 150mL. It can be filled and sipped anywhere. So, your father need not hear the same old nagging, about the liquor, because, to others, he is with his sunscreen tube. This includes a funnel too.

6. Stainless Steel 64 oz Growler

Fresh Brew or any liquor, you need a nice container to store it. Grizzly Flip Top comes with this elegant design, which has a very good storage capacity too.
Quick description-
– Stainless Steel construction.
– Has a capacity to hold 64 oz
– Hand wash is recommended after every use.

7. Admiral™ Etched Whiskey Label Crystal Tumblers in Gift Box

Wine rack done. Wine flask done. How can we forget the tumblers?
A set of four 8 oz capacity tumblers, also makes a very good gift for your father. The aesthetics of these tumblers are pretty impressive, and will partly have a positive impact on the drinking experience of your father.
Quick Description-
– All the glasses are 4-inch tall
– Capacity of each glass is 8 oz
– unique designs on each crystal tumbler.


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