6 Tips to Buying Your Wine Fridge

6 Easy Tips

So, you are planning to buy a wine refrigerator? That’s great! You are a true wine lover!  That means you have got some really good wine collections. Our suggestion to you is to not buy some random fridge at your local Walmart, and then regret later. Getting confused about purchasing the right wine refrigerator is pretty normal, as there are a number of brands in the market. No worries.  Let’s talk about what you should know before you go.

Know Your Preferences

By preferences, we mean:

  1. Features
  2. Size
  3. Performance
  4. Energy Efficiency
  5. Design
  6. Price


Here are few tips that will help you have a right refrigerator for your house, no matter what your needs.

If you are looking to age your wine, your will need to look into wine cellar storage, more so than fridges are better for short term storage and for wines you would like to drink right away.


  1. Make sure your refrigerator has all the features that you are looking for. From temperature control to the number of bottles it holds. Since, temperature is very important for your wine to taste good, make sure your wine refrigerator allows you to set the temperature you want, not the temperature that is preset on it.  The great thing about wine fridges these days is that they are available in dual zone.  Meaning, you can set different temperatures for different types of wine.  Mainly white and red.

As for the wine racks, make sure they are lightweight, easy to clean and lastly, eats less space. Ideally, you can go for the metal racks, as these go well with all the above-said factors.


  1. You need to be careful about the size of your Wine cooler too. You should look for the cooler that fits in well to the place, where it would be installed. It should blend in with the room. If you are purchasing one, for you house, make sure that your cooler is neither too big (not enough bottles), nor too small (too many bottles stuffed in one).  

*TIP:  Make sure to measure your space twice.  Measure height, width, and depth.  Write it down or draw a diagram (even better).  Then, measure again. This will make your life easier with not just fridges, but furniture, lighting, and window treatments.


  1. Performance is the third element that you need to keep in mind, while looking for Wine cooler. No one wants a cooler that makes buzzing sound all the time. Look for the ones, that perform well, cool faster, and lastly, has less buzzing sound…

Energy Efficient

  1. Electricity consumption also cannot be ignored. You should look for the Wine cooler that consumes very less energy; this is both good for your pockets and environment.  Find out about the benefits of thermo-electric cooling.


  1. The looks of your fridge are important too.  Especially if you are wanting it to blend with your cabinets or under your counter.  Fridges are normally available in black and stainless, but at a higher price level, you can definitely customize to fit your design needs.


  1. Price is the last factor of this content. Of course, quality is more important, but that doesn’t mean you should be spending hefty amount on a Wine refrigerator, unless you just want to have the most expensive one.  You can definitely get a good quality wine fridge for under $220.

These tips may help many, but may not help all of you. And in that case, you can always look for the reviews on that particular product, and buy the own which suits your needs best.  The easiest tip to remember?  Don’t use just any old dorm style mini fridge.  These are definitely not made to keep your wine at the correct temperature.

We have just added some awesome new wine fridges to WineRackConcepts.com.  All sizes, price levels, and features are available.  

Check them out now or download our extended Wine Fridge Buyers Guide for free!

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