Top 5 Wine Trends for 2017

Wine is such an old invention, you wonder just what can they do different in the 21st century?  Well, there are some fun new ideas happening these days.  We will give you a sneak peak at 5 new wine trends that you just have to try!

Wine Trends:

1. Wine Clubs by the glass:

The small Vinebox startup in 2015 has made quite a name.  Focusing on producing for small containers may seem challenging and unnecessary, but we are sure this is the new trend.  We are on board! Try as many different wines as you can without the waste from opening a whole bottle.  Read more about Vinebox.blog_wine_club_by_glass

2. Champagne in a Can:

What’s not to love about this idea??  Get that sparkly fresh quench anytime of the year.  It’s not just for New Year’s any more! The Sofia Champagne Can’s, by Francis Ford Copolla named adoringly after his daughter.  Perfect for the beach, tailgating and even on your boat!  Just be careful how much you imbibe while basking in the sun…


3.  We Are Tired of Wines From Napa.  We Want Something More!

The popularity of wine from Portugal, Chile and Australia are at an all time high.  Napa wines will always hold a special place in our hearts, but the crowd has spoken.  And we are reaching out internationally for our next Malbec instead of the California Cabernet…gasp!


4.  Syrah is Becoming More Popular than Cabernet.

Not long ago, Syrah or Shiraz was not very popular.  One of the reasons suspected was because it is such a versatile grape, able to be grown in very hot and cold climates.  This in turn creates wines from the same grape, but very different flavors.  From fruity to full bodied, no one could agree on what this wine was supposed to taste like.

These days however, people are embracing these complex differences and taking a gamble on ones from different regions.  Because it can be grown in extreme climates, it can grow in the United States in the New York Finger lakes, as well as in the warmer California Terriers.  This makes a very good bottle of Syrah at a not so high price.    Try Syrahs right now from the year 2014.  You won’t be disappointed.


5.  Bourbon Barrel Wine

We’ve all tried or at least heard of Bourbon Beer.  It’s quite a unique flavor, but if you are a fan of bourbon, and a lover of beer, then you will LOVE it.

The newest craze, well since around 2015, is wine aged in a bourbon barrel.  To make a long story short, the wine is aged as normal in the regular french or oak barrels, sans bourbon.  After the tradition aging and blending takes place, it is then moved into bourbon barrels.  To learn more about this check out this blog.

If you don’t know, to be called bourbon, it must be processed in Kentucky.  This in turn means that all barrels are selected from Kentucky.  So all Bourbon wine has a little Kentucky in them!  Sounds great to me!


Napa Barrel Bar Table and Wine Rack


And there you have it.  Our top 5 favorite wine trends for 2017.  We are excited to try all of them!  Do you have a favorite new wine trend that we need to know about?

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