The Best Wine Club!

Why we love The California Wine Club!  The Top Wine Club in USA.

There are so many different wine clubs to choose from.  It can be confusing and most people don’t even bother.  But what can be better than 2-4 bottles of California wines shipped directly to you.  Hand picked by wine connoisseurs at whatever price level you choose.  You can’t beat it.  Especially after a long day at work!  Check out why we prefer The California Wine Club over other memberships.

  • No contract-cancel any time
  • Various membership levels to choose from-starting from $39
  • Fine, vintage and rare blends-wine for all tastes
  • International wine options-prefer French or Italian over Napa?
  • 100% money back guarantee-No wine purchase regrets
  • Deep discounts on reorders-Find a wine and buy it again!
  • Can ship anywhere in the United States except Utah.  Sorry Utah!
  • Higher price than other memberships-But your satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Shipping and tax not included-Uncle Sam needs his pay
  • Shipping can take as long as three weeks – depending on where you are located-Be sure to order in a timely manner

Wine Selection: (Rating: 10/10)

California Wine Club takes their wine selection very seriously. While their main focus is California Wineries, they do have an International membership that exposes you to wineries located around the globe. The bottles included in the club shipments come from the winery that is featured that month. Members can choose a mixture, all whites, or all reds. Sometimes champagnes or sparkling wines will make their way into the mix too.

Wine Quality: (Rating: 10/10)

Quality does not depend on membership. Instead, this club only features refined wines from small wineries who are focused on quality. These wines are small batch, handcrafted and usually award winning. Members of the Signature Series will have access to rare and vintage wines perfect for drinking or collecting. The Aged Cabernet Series features robust, signature cabernets that have been aged for a minimum of 8 years before being released.

Memberships/Pricing: (Rating: 8/10)

California Wine Club does offer multiple wine membership levels. The prices, however, are a little more than other clubs. Members can choose from two to four bottle shipments, and choose if they want their shipments monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Shipping and tax is not included in the monthly membership price; therefore, the amount due will be much higher. There are no contracts and members can cancel at any time – and there is a 100 percent money back guarantee.

Unfortunately you cannot do one time shipments or even limit the duration of your membership unless you’re giving this as a gift. So, you will sign up for the month-to-month commitment and then have to call and cancel to avoid additional charges.

Additional Perks: (Rating: 7/10)

Members have access to their own personal wine consultant – whom they can call for advice, tastings and more. Members also get up to 50 percent off on reorders (when reordering bottles from their past membership shipment).

States: (Rating: 10/10)

The club can ship to anywhere in the United States except Utah, but including Hawaii and Alaska, because they are a licensed freight forwarder. At this time, they do not ship to Canada or Utah.

 The California Wine Club - Give a Gift That Can't be Found in Local Stores!

They do not ship to Utah or Canada.

Gift Memberships and Options: (Rating: 9/10)

The California Wine Club does offer gift club memberships that are prepaid and include shipping and handling – so no surprises after you sign someone up. The recipient also receives a newsletter along with a $25 wine credit. If sending as a corporate gift, you can include gift cards, gift certificates and even branded wooden wine boxes with the bottles you send – something no one else offers.

You can limit the duration of gifted memberships anywhere from one to 12 months as well. If you prefer, you can opt for a gift certificate.

There are a lot of packaging and perks with their gifts too. You can have bottles wrapped in the colors of the season as well as a neoprene tote.

The only thing they don’t offer is wines or gifts outside of the memberships.

Website Features: (Rating: 10/10)

The club’s website is very easy to use. They have a recipe and tips section, blog, and plenty of information regarding their club.

Customer Service/Support: (Rating: 9/10)

Email and phone support are offered. There is no online help guide – just a FAQs section. Hours for customer service are limited to Monday thru Friday 7am to 5pm and weekends from 8am to 2pm.


Shipping and taxes are added in addition to the monthly price. All memberships can be increased to four bottles per shipment for an additional fee – billed monthly, quarterly or bi-monthly.

Premier Series – Starting at $39.95 per shipment for two bottles. This is the basic-level club membership that features award-winning wines from small, family-owned wineries.

Signature Series – Starting at $124 per shipment for two bottles. Suited for collectors and wine connoisseurs who want only highly rated wines.

International Series – Starting at $71 per shipment for two bottles. Features wines from around the globe.

Aged Cabernet Series – Staring at $219 per shipment for two bottles. Features wines from Napa Valley’s finest cabernet wineries and each is aged a minimum of eight years.

Pacific Northwest Series – Starting at $77 per shipment for two bottles. Features limited production wines from Washington and Oregon.

Try it out now, and you will see for yourself why we love California Wine Club!


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